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DLS Paris - Theme FOX

Thg 11 23, 2015 DLS,bo suu tap FOX,

While most people think of Winter as dark and gloomy, we at DLS like to think of winter as being white and hopeful. Reminiscing on the past year with the anticipation of the new and the "What's going to happen next?" feeling.

DLS has designed the collection inspired by the Fox and the white winter forest where he lives.
With a special print commissioned by DLS and limited to 40 pcs per size.  When a child wears a limited piece from DLS, parents will always feel that their child's outfit is special and inimitable.

Think snowflake...

The clean aesthetics and modern forms like the short Bouffant, the low crotch Alibaba pant and the Arc Sweatpant jeans will definitely be a big hit to parents into high-fashion and design.


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