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T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3

  • T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3
  • T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3
  • T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3
  • T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3
  • T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3
  • T-shirt with skirt LIA Serie 3


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BRAND : Diệp Linh Sơn
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This is awesomes !!!

In LEO - LIA collection, LIA Seri 3 is a lovely combination between JAPIA skirt and JATIA jacke. Simple shirt designed help kids get the most comfortable in the hot, appropriately at home, go out ...

Made from 100% cotton will keep baby comfortable while having fun, suitable for sensitive skin

DLS logo is embroidered by hand with meticulous lines and exquisite embroidery formed its own brand of DLS .Clew imported from France will not fade.

After many years of producing and exporting high-end luxury clothing for Europe, D.L.S was created to overcome the lack of quality products for Vietnam consumers.
Since establishment, we strive to become a destination of children's fashion for all parents have needs high quality garments.
We have been and will always be committed to ethical production and bring quality products to consumers and to raise awareness of social responsibility.
D.L.S, we believe that "the French fashion" means your child will be comfortable, trendy style of the clothes he or she wears. This’s why we design modern clothes, colorful and vibrant for girls, boys and babies.
D.L.S clothing production limited to only 40 units per size. Dressed D.L.S brand, your child will feel unique and inimitable hallmarks.
In addition to providing clothing, especially since 2010, we survey the world of fashion to bring products to children, with the creation, safe and ethical to Vietnam consumers.
We are committed to your D.L.S clothes with baby nontoxic, no chemicals are used when manufacturing the product. All products are made from 100% cotton, the fabric soft, sensitive skin suit and hypoallergenic with children’s thin skin.
Our goal is to give your child an association of French luxury and begin an appreciation for high-quality design.

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